Community Updates

If you would like to receive our newsletters or you have any neighbours who you think might also be interested in receiving these updates please let them know. Anyone with an email address can sign-up via our website. If you don’t have an email address we would be happy to post you a copy, please call 1800 370 045.

Community Engagement

Gullen Solar Farm is committed to the Southern Tablelands community and to strengthening relationships with the local community. The project team aims to keep an open dialogue with the local residents, stakeholders and the wider community to ensure successful exchange of information, consultation and engagement.

To best identify methods to inform, consult, involve and collaborate with the community about the Gullen Solar Farm and facilitate communication with the community, Goldwind has developed a Community Consultation Plan. The program of consultation outlined in this plan is ongoing and will continue through the construction and operation phases of the solar farm. It will include activities such as:

  • regular project updates through newsletters, media articles, public information days and this website
  • responding to any enquiries
  • engaging with near neighbours of the project, local councils and government agencies, and
  • one on one meetings as required.

Gullen Solar Farm Community Consultation Plan


Enquiries and Complaints

Gullen Solar Farm is committed to effective management of enquiries from interested parties and handling of complaints in relation to the project, as set out in our Complaints and Enquiries Policy and Plan. If you would like to make an enquiry or complaint in relation to the project, please Contact Us.

Gullen Solar Farm Complaints and Enquiries Policy

Gullen Solar Farm Enquiries and Complaints Plan