ARENA Knowledge Sharing Information

Gullen Solar Farm was awarded a grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) in 2016 under their Advancing Renewables Program. You can read more about the project on the ARENA website here.

As a requirement of the grant, certain information about Gullen Solar Farm and its operation is made available on our website.

The final capital expenditure (CAPEX) required to construct the project was $24.8 million, compared to a forecast of $25.3 million. The operational expenditure was $585,030 in 2018 and $604,800 in 2019.

Information about the project (the static project data) can be downloaded here. This includes specific information about the quantity and type of equipment installed. Datasheets referred to can be downloaded here.

The following information is updated monthly and can be downloaded in spreadsheet form here:

  1. Cumulative AC energy delivered to the grid (at 330kV Gullen Range Wind Farm connection point)
  2. Summary of solar resource and weather data

The regional reference electricity price is published by AEMO and can be viewed here on their website. Once on the AEMO page, select ‘Price and Demand’.

Regular updates on the price of Large-Scale Generation Certificates can be accessed on the Clean Energy Regulator website here.

We have completed two reports describing development, construction and operational learnings from the co-location of Gullen Solar Farm with Gullen Range Wind Farm. You can view the first report here. The second report has now been reviewed by ARENA and you can view it here.

As well as describing learnings, these reports include a summary of predicted solar resource data (Global Horizontal Radiation) and predicted energy output compared to actual performance data.

Please contact us if you have any queries about this information.