Gullen Solar Farm

Project Details

The project would consist of a large field of solar PV panels installed on support frames and connected by wiring to inverters.  The inverters convert direct-current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity.  Underground AC cables would then connect the output of the solar farm to the existing wind farm electricity substation and grid connection point. Construction of the project would take approximately six to nine months and involve up to 100 people on site during the peak construction period. Subcontracting opportunities would be widely advertised within the local community.

Development Process

A feasibility study has confirmed the viability of the project. Further surveys will be undertaken to investigate the site in more detail including cultural heritage surveys, vegetation surveys and solar resource monitoring. These surveys will inform final site design and lead to preparation of a development application to gain planning approval. Planning approval will be sought from Upper Lachlan Shire Council with final determination made by the Southern Region Joint Planning Panel.

Community Consultation

Gullen Solar Farm is committed to community consultation throughout the project development and will provide opportunities for the community to be informed and involved. Further information will be made available on the project website, or contact Gullen Solar Farm staff. A series of public information sessions will be conducted to provide information, and staff are happy to attend face-to-face meetings to discuss any specific issues, and seek feedback on the proposed development.

Click here for the Gullen Solar Farm Fact Sheet 2015!